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why is Ursula shunned from King Triton’s society? does it have something to do with being more powerful than him? why does King Triton have a magical trident, being otherwise a pretty regular merman? Ursula is a witch, if anyone should have a magical artifact it should be her, did King Triton steal it?

and finally, Ursula didn’t do Ariel much wrong

Ariel wanted some legs (and a vagina) and Ursula told her flat out that in the surface world you can have a vagina or a voice, not both

i’d watch the hell out of a movie about Ursula

Ursula told her flat out that in the surface world you can have a vagina or a voice, not both”

ohhhh shit though, ursula was being too real about the world

although perhaps a bit too literal

Okay, these were all excellent points and I’ll never see The Little Mermaid the same way again.

I laughed at that caption at first then the reality actually hit me

you can have a vagina or a voice, not both”

Bruh… Little mermaid was deep.

Ursula gave the game to Ariel:

"The men up there don’t like a lot of blather.
They think a girl who gossips is a boor.
And on land it’s much preferred for ladies not to say a word,
and she who holds her tongue gets a man.”


Literally the whole song “Poor Unfortunate Souls” was Ursula asking Ariel if she was sure that was the kind of life she wanted. She told Ariel EXACTLY what to expect and exactly what would happen should she fail to uphold her end of the bargain. Ursula was 100% honest with her. Ariel STILL said yes because she was naive.

And notice Eric wasn’t too distraught about Ariel not having a voice during their time together? After he got over the initial shock, he was like “Okay, cool, I’LL do all the talking and you just look pretty.”

Can we get a whole line-up of movies about our villains, though? I really am more interested in their backstories than anything.

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So I was kinda down in the dumps last week and decided doing something creative would be a good pick-me-up. It’s been quite some time since I’ve made any stamps. This time is a take on the frog prince. One on the left was done first. I like the one on the right better. Gave them to my coworker/desk mate since she quite fancies frogs.


photos from dubai’s 828 meter tall burj khalifa (save the first and last photos, which show the building) by (click pic) daniel cheongkarim nafatnibjoern lauen and dave alexander. duabai only experiences this in september and march, when seasonal changes in temperature creates an abundance of early morning fog. (see also: fog over new york, london and chicago)

Personality to a ‘T’ : ENFJ

So I just took the Myers-Briggs personality test after a long ago suggestion by a friend, and the results were not only unsurprising, but even more validating in my knowledge of myself, who I am, and who I claim to be (which are rarely different). After the test, you’re given a long analysis and simple explanation as to what that means for you, and even the option to see what careers might fit you best if you happen to be on the hunt or just plain what to know out of curiosity. 

The letters that tell me what personality type I am all came with percentages, and short explanation had the word moderate attached to each letter, and somewhere farther down in the explanation stated that I am a well balanced individual. 

I am a happy human being today.

Now I just need to get Shoji to take this. I have a sneeeeaaaaaking suspicion that we are complete opposites, and while that’s not necessarily bad, it could be detrimental to my mental health. I can already feel it taking a toll, and we’ve only been together 9 months. I wonder if they have this in Japanese. I don’t think he could take the one in English yet.

You can take your own test here if you feel like it, and/or if you’re interested in knowing the inner-workings of me personally, you can

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